How Do I Maintain My Carpet After A Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you had called the experts for professional carpet cleaning then you have to understand that even after cleaning, you must take a few important steps to maintain the carpet and keep it in good condition. Just understand a few important points so that you know how you need to take the relevant steps. You might have given the contract of carpet cleaning to the best carpet washer but, if you do not maintain the carpet well, post-cleaning then the carpet would start slowing down. Here’s what you should be careful about.

professional carpet cleaning
professional carpet cleaning

1. When the carpets are cleaned, you must let them dry up first

After the carpet cleaner has gone, you should till dry up the carpets. Keep the fans switched on so that the carpets stay in good condition. If the carpets have dried up completely, then only you must move back the furniture. Make sure that you do not drag the furniture on the carpet. Just pick them up and keep them as they were.

2. If possible, install a carpet protector

It is vital that you install a carpet protector and this will work wonders. Carpets tend to attract dust and dirt. It is therefore vital that you keep the protector perfectly so that there is no stain or dirt accumulation again on the carpets.

3. Make a habit of cleaning the carpets with a vacuum machine every day

If you are happy with the way your carpets have become clean after Carpet Steam Cleaning Warradale services  then you should take the right steps after that. To keep the carpets in good condition, it is recommended that you vacuum clean the carpets every day. You should be having the machine at home. Use it and vacuum clean the whole carpet and see how you can enhance the life span of the carpet.

4. Make a no-shoe policy on the carpet

You must get ahead with a no-shoe policy and in that, the carpets will not attract dust. If you make the policy at home that the shoes be removed at the entrance then this will surely maintain the carpet well and also keep it dust-free.

5. Do not let the stains linger on the carpets

If you happen to see some spills or stains on the carpets then you should quickly clean the same. Also, keep the stain remover handy so that you can take quick steps. Once you do that, you will see that the carpet remains in great condition.


If the carpets are cleaned professionally then the carpets will remain good for a long time. But you also should take a few relevant steps. If you follow the above methods then you can surely maintain the carpets well after the professional cleaning session. Having clean carpets is quite important and you should be clear about how you wish to enhance the life span of the carpets. So, clean carpets can enhance health as well as indoor air quality. Call us today at our number on 0864 909 028 or fill the form to get the free quotes.